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Sunday May 29

Gospel-centered hope for the Haven community and beyond.


Happy Memorial Weekend!




If you are interested in giving to the ministry of Haven Baptist Church, please leave your offering in the baskets at the front entrance or the side entrance of the Sanctuary.


You can also give online at: havenbaptist.info/giving-1







VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL – July 18-21 from 9a -12 – More info to come!


If you are interested in volunteering for VBS this summer please let us know! We will need helpers to make this event happen!



UPCOMING WORKDAY –Saturday June 11th – both days will be from 8-11a. To install carpet in the basement of the church.



ASSISTANT’S IN CHILDREN’S CHURCH & NURSERY – Thankfully our kids church groups have gotten so large most weeks that we need an assistant adult to help the primary teacher. If you would be willing to help once a month, we would greatly appreciate your help.


Also, we have a few of our nursery workers who are also teaching in children’s church. If anyone would prefer helping in nursery to free up children’s church workers, we would appreciate that as well. Thank for your consideration and prayers.



Last Sunday Offering


General Fund: $890 / Missions: $210/ Online: $830



Total: $1930




If you need to call Pastor Chris for any reason you can call or text him at 620-560-3459. You can also email him a





Bible Reading


The scriptures are the primary way that we hear from God today. Reading the words that God has given us, and that are directly from him, is vital to our faith and growth as believer. It is encouraged to read the bible every day in order to learn and grow and strengthen our relationship with Christ.


There are several tools to help with bible reading. You can find plans online, or download The Bible App on your smart phone. This app has hundreds of plans and other supports to help you on your faith journey.


































Message Notes



 Message Notes




When is Enough, Enough?


Genesis 3



1)   Living like a beast vs. living like a human (V.1-4)


2)   When is enough, enough? (V.5-6)


3)   We find trouble when we don’t find rest in the God who is enough (V.7)


4)   There are consequences to sin




A The serpent and the woman: Access to the trees of the garden discussed (3:1f.)

B The woman and the serpent: The threat of death (“lest you die”) (3:3f.)

C The serpent: You will be like God [gods?], knowing good and evil (3:5)

D The woman and her husband: After transgressing, they made coverings for themselves from plant leaves (3:6f.)

E The man and his wife: Fearful of the LORD God, they hide themselves (3:8)

F The LORD God confronts the man: “From the tree that I commanded you to not eat from it, you ate?” (3:9-12)

G The LORD God confronts the woman (3:13)

H The LORD God sentences the serpent (3:14f., includes the protevangelium)

G’ The LORD God sentences the woman (3:16)

F’ The LORD God sentences the man: “. . . and you ate from the tree that I commanded you saying you shall not eat from it” (3:17-19)

E’ The man: Trusting the LORD God’s promise, he names his wife “Eve” (“Life”) (3:20)

D’ The LORD God: After sentencing, he made coverings for Adam and his wife from animal skins (3:21)

C’ The LORD God: “The man is like one of us, to know good and evil” (3:22a)

B’ The LORD God: The threat of endless life (“lest he . . . live forever) (3:22b)

A’ The LORD God: Expulsion from the garden; access to the tree of life denied (3:23f.)











Prayer List





Sunday, May 29


Gospel Centered Hope for the Haven Community and Beyond



Mike Valdois Mother – has been diagnosed with cancer and is working with doctors on a treatment plan. Pray for the doctors, the plan they put in place and comfort for her and the family.


The Hayden Family – – Continue to pray for the Hayden family as they work to rebuild their lives and homes.


Carol Streck – Carol is the cousin of Scott Powell. Carol has been diagnosed with cancer in her lymph nodes.


Bubba Wright – Please pray for Bubba and his recovery. Pray that he will receive the care he needs. Pray for the family as they try to meet his needs the best they can.


Conflict in Ukraine – Pray for peace and God’s hand of protection over this situation.


Mamie Graham – Mamie has several doctor appointments regarding her heart scheduled. Please pray that the doctors would be able to pinpoint the problem that she is having.


Shawn Fleming & Family – Shawn’s family is seeking help for his mental struggles. Please keep him and the family in your prayers.


Terry Rinke – Appt. with doctor about bone spur in neck.


Pray for Jack McMillan and Family – Jack was diagnosed with Leukemia. Doctors are optimistic they will be able to treat it.


If you would like to add a prayer request to the list please call or text pastor Chris at 620-560-3459, email Pastor Chris at

pastorchrishbc@gmail.com or fill out the prayer request form on the sign-up table. Thanks!