Church Work Day

Be on the lookout for our next work day! We will be scheduling this event soon!

What’s the Plan?

-Continue to work on the church basement, as well as making other repairs to the church building.

-Preparing Pastor Chris' and Lauren's home (church owned) for the addition of a bathroom and bedroom.


Projects at the church:

-Fixing a broken overhang over a door on the South side of the building.

-Installing trim, covering outlets and other smaller tasks in the church basement

Projects At Pastor Chris’ house

-Removing a wood burning stove and brick platform to create room for a new bedroom. (*This project will be postponed to a later work day*)

Who Can Help?

Just about anyone! While some of the jobs take more muscle or experience, just about anybody can find something to do. It may be clean up duty or running simple errands. Every little bit helps!!

What time and what to bring?

October 1st from 8a - 11a.

Mainly we just need you to bring 2 hands and a good attitude! If you have any tools that you think could be useful, feel free to bring them just incase!